“I’ve always had a passion for technology and today I work for my customers to keep their technology working as expected.”

Since he was young, John has always had a fascination with technology. While working in his father's retail store, he realized the invaluable necessity of customer service, honesty, and making products work for the owner. John’s fascination grew into a career of 10+ years in the IT field. Today, Cincy CyberKnights implements industry best practices to create a technology environment that works proactively. This proactive approach prevents the chaos created when a computer develops problems. Whether you are a single mobile professional or a business with many technology devices, we make your technology work so you can focus on your business.


How we do things

We're not your 'typical' technology company.  

I use the phrase 'technology advocate' because it is what we are.  'Consulting' has many negative connotations connected to it, one of which is high priced, little action, and just ideas left behind.  What gets overlooked is the information collected and used by your technology partner on a daily basis.  Whether you are a small business with less than 100 employees or a solo professional; when you have technical work done, it is commonly not documented.  Server configuration, account passwords, system configuration, email info, network setup, wireless settings,  are just some of the things not transparently shared with the customer.  This may not be on purpose, but makes switching to a new partner much more difficult.  

We share everything.  Our digital notebook of your environment setup is shared with you.  It is a living notebook that we utilize and you can view at any time.