Basic of starting your website

So you want to start a website?

Things you should know.

All three are required and make the website work.

  1. Domain Registration.   This is nothing more than claiming you own the domain name.  It does not mean it goes anywhere or does anything.  This can be done at any domain web registration website.  GoDaddy is popular,, and many others.  These sites will also sell you other services, but it's not necessary to just own the domain name.  See below for recommendations.
  2. DNS or Domain Name Services.  Meaning; when you type in - this service tells the request to go to this location or IP address that will then deliver the website to the person asking for it.  You can also just 'forward' the site name to an existing place (facebook, corporate sponsored page, page, google plus page, etc).
  3. Web Site hosting space.  This is the place the website is physically stored and served up to the world.  The DNS or Domain Name Service points to this location.  Again, these three services can be purchased from three different services.  Many people don't realize this is possible.


  • Own all three of these!  I would not recommend letting someone else do all the above for you and not give you the master login / password.  Also be sure you use an email account that you control that is associated with these services!


  • is straightforward and does not try to sell you everything under the sun that you think you might need.  They also appear to support DNS services at no additional cost !
  • GoDaddy is one of the biggest, but they tend to try and up sell so many things that it is a turn off to people who just need the basics.
  • is an all in one service.  The appeal here is that you can get a 14 day free trial, play around with the templates and the wysiwyg editor; see if it suites you.  Personally, I find it the best balance between not having to know "code" and not living inside a walled up program that ties your imagination to the ground.  Highly recommended.  ~$190 year.  Includes domain name registration, DNS, and hosting services; one stop shop.  The simplicity is very attractive.

Want help?  Give us a call and we can get this setup.  CyberKnights does not build websites, but we can help you navigate through these points and get you connected with a site builder that suites you.

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