end user remote access


  • The LogMeIn plugin will install on the guest computer the first time you access your (host) computer at the office.
  • You will need a login to the portal site provided by CyberKnights.  If you do not have or know this, please contact us for setup.
  • You will need to know your login id and passsword for your computer that your are remotely accessing.  It is common for people to not know or forget their login id since it is not something they type in every day.
  • Recommended to use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer to access the site.
  • Here is a video click through of what you should see or use the screen shots below.  The first time you access your computer it will need to install LogMeIn.  This is normal.

Let's get started ...

Portal Site Login


User Name is your email address

The password will provided by CyberKnights.  This should be different than your computer login.

Click Login.


The circled item (see image on left) will start the LogMeIn remote access tool.

If you have been granted access to more than one computer, it will be listed here; under Desktops, Servers accordingly.